Bitcoin worth now $1 Trillion

Bitcoin market cap is over $1 Trillion

Bitcoin price breaks $50.000

Bitcoin breaks magical $50.000 resistance level

Biggest scam in the year 2020, crooks collected $589 million

Biggest crypto heist in 2020

Elon Musk sends BTC to all-time high

Elon Musk lets Bitcoin loose the new ATH

Cryptocurrencies market cap raises over 1.24 trillion

The combined value of over 6,000 cryptocurrencies hit $1.24 trillion on Saturday morning. The new all-time high came after one month it passed $1.1 trillion on January 10, 2021. Elon Musks tweets have supported the rise significantly by posting: "bitcoin is a good thing" and "im late for the party," for example. Compared to 29.4.2017, the market cap multiplied 40 times, as you can see in the picture.

Serbian Man in trial for 70million USD BTC scam

$70 million scammer faces exradition to the US

ETH hits new ATH

Ethereum hits new all.time high!

An Ethereum user has flipped a Hashmasks digital art collectible from $130 to $130,000, making a record 100,000% profit in less than three days. Hashmasks is a digital art collection of over 16,000 digital portraits created by over 70 artists worldwide.

100.000% Proft for Hashmasks user

Ninepoint Partners leads the Bitcoin trust boom

Bitcoin trusts are born

Dogecoin gains 1100% and hits all-time high

Doge goes from zero to hero

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