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Gandalf the Airdrop Hunter

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

As everyone knows for what ICO stands for ( initial coin offering ). Airdrops are familiar now to almost everyone who has read even a little bit about blockchain or cryptocurrency. I put the very basic idea of it here very shortly.

In the cryptocurrency business, an airdrop is a super powerful marketing tool. It involves sending tokens or coins to wallets or addresses in exchange to promote new cryptocurrency to a target audience.

Tokens are a reward to individuals who do small services in exchange, such as retweeting a post or following some particularly social media channel, for example.

Cryptocurrency airdrop is a blockchain project that distributes tokens or coins to the cryptocurrency world and blockchain's active community. Airdrops promote mostly at the company's website and crypto and bitcoin forums and blog posts.

Remember, a real and legit airdrop never asks capital investment. Airdrops are to reward active individuals in crypto society. I have to admit that my social media skills improved with the sudden popularity rise of airdrops.

ICO projects are exciting, and it is no miracle that they have been blooming, and there is no end to it. I read about Icos almost every day, and I do participate in airdrops every week. I choose airdrops that are interesting and that project can succeed. I'm not just hunting the most significant value of the rewarded coins or tokens. Still, the operation itself has to be good.

We all love this new world of Icos, tokens, coins, trading bots, blockchain, and the rest of it, are we not?

These following airdrop links are my specially chosen ones, and there are high hopes in them. As well the earthly value of the reward is worth a while to join to each of those.

There is enormous competition between startups, and Airdrop is an excellent way to stand up from the rivalries. Numerous sites offer airdrop alerts to the crypto minded audience and provide marketing strategies to startups to pimp up their Airdrop.

Enjoy this first chapter of the ICO hunters Airdrop column. I will update it regularly. As well I will keep adding and editing the Airdrop links belove for you. And don't forget to register for the Gandalfs mailing list. We will inform you of all new blog posts and updates. As we have also just launched this website, all the feedback is significantly more than welcome.

One of the most successful ICO was etherium, and it returned to investors a whopping 200.000% return of investment. But it wasn't even close to NXT, 2013 arranged early ICO clocked Unbelievable 1.477.000% back to its believers. Nice, huh?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is speeding up so fast that the future is running towards us. You cannot blame investors that they can't keep up the newest innovations and explorations. And that is the very point where the scam ICOs and their developers aim. Unfortunately.

The biggest ICO heists are as legendary as are their natural counterparts. 2018, a company arranged two ICOs, IFAN and BINCOIN. It lured 32.000 investors to lose their money, in a total of 600 million USD. Almost as infamous was ONECOIN with its ICO.

Chinese authorities have seized over 30 million USD from the long-dead company, and far from everything they stoled. Nations have hunted culprits, and all of them still have not been caught, or ever will be. This list also continues, but lets talk of those in the coming days here.

Enjoy the airdrops in the Gandalf Airdrop Hunter section. I will add them every week from now on.

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