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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I decided to open a global online bitcoin kiosk to my blog site, and I have to say that im happy I did it. It is powered by Paxful, a mighty and well-known company with over 200 employees worldwide. My BTC 7/11 is safe, fast, and works with 300 different payment methods worldwide.

The Company's goal has always been that they make bitcoin available to everyone globally, and indeed they have almost succeeded in that task. I have been traveling worldwide my whole life, and my latest place where I was living was in Asia. I was running a company in south-east Asia for eight years in total, and there I saw how much difficulties and problems people had in buying bitcoin there. And I hope I can make their life more comfortable with my nonstop BTC shop, if possible.

When using my Kiosk, it doesn't matter where you are located at the moment of purchase. It is possible to use my Kiosk anywhere where the internet is available. If you are thinking of the security of the bitcoin shop, think no more. The escrow account keeps the merchandise safe, and trading goes smoothly from the seller to the buyer.

Paxful's platform is made for you, whoever you are. Prices and security is the Five Star level. There is plenty of vendors out there, you can choose between them, and in some cases, you actually can get your cryptocurrency at a very competitive price.

And do not worry about the KYC procedure. You don't necessarily need to do that when buying the bitcoin. And if you are a rookie at using Paxful phenomenal application or website, no worries, they have good support for your first steps in bitcoin trade. Practice makes perfect, right?

4.8 million users worldwide cannot be wrong, and almost zero negative publicity, so they must do something right—actually, everything. And even if you are not a crypto minded soul, you can still help your buddies and countryman by introducing them to Paxful. And it pays back your effort handsomely. Commissions are very good and fair to everyone.

I like this Company a lot, and even I haven't been with them for a long time, their business mentality is definitely in harmony with mine. Share the love, unite the world of cryptocurrency, and make the world a better place. Why not earn few bucks same time?

12.000 vendors on their list and over 2 million Paxful wallets also tell the same story. It is a huge success and always will be. The web platform is very simplified and easy to navigate, and the application makes it even better. It is an excellent tool for the trade, with all the features you need on the move.

When you make a sale or purchase, it is nice to communicate with the other party with the chat mode, and sending documents to them is done right away when needed. All the vendors have a personal track record, a rating that they have earned in the platform, an excellent way to see how they have performed before their trades.

From any point of view, I look at their business, tools, or marketing strategy. I cannot spot any significant flaws. Its pure beauty in the industry. And that was not a compliment.

And the best way to get to know this line of business is to follow Richard Branson's' legendary words: Learning by doing. Im doing that now, and I think I will walk my future crypto road whenever I can, with Paxful. Paxful competitor, LocalBitcoins, feels like that it has been run over by a bus, so much tuned up version of it Paxful is.

Please share my passion for Paxful with everyone and use Gandalfs Bitcoin SevenEleven next time you need Bitcoin. Its an experience, and a nice one, if not more than that. You can find it in the crypto shop section of this website. There are coming more crypto widgets and products to the shop section soon. Most of them are so unique that the world has never seen them before. I promise you that.

Oh, and if you are intrigued to try to be a bitcoin vendor, click the picture below, and your cryptocurrency merchant story may begin.

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