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Gandalfs Bitcoin 7/11

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I decided to open a global online bitcoin kiosk to my blog site, and I have to say that im happy I did it. It is powered by Paxful, a mighty and well-known company with over 200 employees worldwide. My BTC 7/11 is safe, fast, and works with 300 different payment methods worldwide.

The Company's goal has always been that they make bitcoin available to everyone globally, and indeed they have almost succeeded in that task. I have been traveling worldwide my whole life, and my latest place where I was living was in Asia. I was running a company in south-east Asia for eight years in total, and there I saw how much difficulties and problems people had in buying bitcoin there. And I hope I can make their life more comfortable with my nonstop BTC shop, if possible.

When using my Kiosk, it doesn't matter where you are located at the moment of purchase. It is possible to use my Kiosk anywhere where the internet is available. If you are thinking of the security of the bitcoin shop, think no more. The escrow account keeps the merchandise safe, and trading goes smoothly from the seller to th