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Gandalfs Scam Report Vol V: Coin Insider

Let's speak about advertising, and more specifically, advertising crypto-based business on the internet. The following events began when I received 75$ advertising money from Google to use in the Google Ads campaign. First, I felt delighted cause I did know that Google Ads is a potent marketing tool for my website.

I created an excellent campaign, and I launched it with my gift money from Google and topped my precious own money worth of 25$. The first hours after launch, I got A LOT of impressions and countless direct hits to my beloved website. Then Google, without any warning or whatsoever, stopped my campaign. Reason being: Cryptocurrencies, not approved in 243 different countries. I thought this is a good thing because crypto-based scam ads are so numerous in the world.

Then, another day I was using Facebook, and I stumbled upon Ad, which looked like a Forbes article. I followed the link, being curious about the Digital Yuan. WTF? It was a 100% scam Forbes, simply luring people to invest in Bitcoin Era's scam. Scammers Ad was so rude that I decided to use Google and see what I will find. After seeing the result, I got furious. These motherfkers can advertise on Google, but not me with my legit site!

Next, I followed the link to the actual Bitcoin Era webpage. To be 100% sure it is a scam, I used Google Images to search duplicates among them. It is an excellent way to verify scams because they often use stock images on their websites. I found 62 domains that used the same images that were in the Bitcoin Eras site. BOOM.

From those 62 domains, 60 was the same scam with minor changes.

The remaining two sites informed that Bitcoin Era and its duplicates are scam sites, and they were only using the same picture in their articles. Huh, at least there are still few good people out there. If you want to see the real review, There is a link to

The crooks also back up their scam sites with fake and false reviews, which convinces you that Bitcoin Era and all of their like is legit and trustworthy. You just cannot find real reviews. It makes me feel terrible, and it is not even all of the story.

Scam sites pay to get into the real cryptocurrency and blockchain media. Yes, it's true. Look at the picture below. They even have links in the sponsored article to the devil's den, the Bitcoin Era homepage.

But the most worse thing with this case is that they have already been spamming and scamming people for way over a year now, and they are still going strong. PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE!

Last but not least comes, the flagship scam site of the Bitcoin Era criminal network. A site is full of shit. I have to admit that the people on the site are talented with SEO optimization, content creating, visual designing, and the rest of it. It looks excellent, and almost everything on the site is real.

They even have articles on how to detect and avoid scam sites on the net. Very well written and good in every way. They have translated the page into six different languages with supreme accuracy. BUT NOT EVERYTHING IS REAL there. One section is their primary business, and that is 100% scam. It's called "trading platforms." Look at the picture below—proof of it, undeniable. Each and all of the trading platforms are scam sites. Bastards. has a site ranking score of 87500 in the world! With this kind of score, they could have a legit affiliate site with good income. But instead, they choose the dark side. They have legit affiliate contracts on their site also, to confuse customers even more. They have also programmed their sites way that if any scam site is going down, it automatically redirects you to another working clone scam site.

The biggest problem with this kind of scam is that they spam their sites so much that real reviews and articles are drowned in their midst and cannot be found. If you are looking for accurate information and reviews of the scam sites, the search results reveal more crime upon a crime.

I sent the 60 scam site list to the following places:, google, and browser scam report. I almost sent it to DNS service providers too, but at this point, it had been hours, so that I will do it later this week.

We have to consider this magnitude of a scam as organized crime. An illegal operation like this must pay salaries to their workers, to update news and do the translations. It means we don't have too many weapons to fight against it. The scam sites are too many. No wonder why almost 95% of cryptocurrency sites are considered scam sites. What can we do to change it?

The only solution is that we get A LOT of people to work together. Maybe we could develop some bounty token, where people get reward always when they do any action against the scammers, paid by this specialty token.

Please give comments, ideas, and remember to share with everyone this article. Otherwise, this article doesn't have much influence on our mutual fight against the villains. And join the CryptoGandalf community to receive Gandalfs Scam Reports in the future.


Defender of the Coin

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