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Gandalfs Scam Scope

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Here are steps for everyone to read how to avoid and how to protect against non-legit companies.

Let's start with the basics of the domains and websites. If you are beginning to explore cryptocurrencies and the crypto world, these few observations below are critical.

If the website promises enormous and suspiciously high returns to investment, a 1% daily return or annual return is over 20%. That should raise the alarm clock immediately.

Check out if there is an ABOUT US section on their page. Is there any contact information or any links to their Twitter, Linkedin, or other social media pages? A legitimate company should have excellent and very accurate contact info, updated almost daily.

Where did you hear about the website? Did they approach you first with unsolicited email or from social media? Those channels are well known for those culprits to lure new customers to their web.

Are they using celebrities in their advertisements? Sometimes they try to get so-called credibility with stars in their campaigns to build up their credibility.

Look carefully at their content on the website. Is there something that seems to be not correct? Trust your feelings. Many times those feelings might save you a few hundred bucks and a terrible headache.

Search with Google, the company for independent reviews. Are there any negative reviews? Are there any thoughts? Is there any track record of their doings in the past?

Is there any lousy grammar, strange phrasing, or simple spelling mistakes on the website? If there is, it doesn't necessarily mean they are not legitimate, but it gives you proceed with a caution sign.

Check the registered owner of the website or domain. Is there a hidden owner behind it? And when the website was registered? All these details give you signs to avoid it or to ask for more information.

See what kind of links they have on their website. Are there old, legitimate companies linked to their website, or not? If ther