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Gandalf rains Fury and Fire against rogue cloud mining companies

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

This writing is a result of tiredness and angriness against cloud mining companies, most (around 95% of them) cheating and robbing good believing people who are investing more and more every moment to this booming new industry area. The idea of this particular type of mining is brilliant. Benefits are undisputed, such as no purchase of heavy-duty hardware machines, no colossal electricity fees, zero space allocation problem, divided maintenance fees.

Since May of this year, I have been studying and signed up to hundreds of different cloud mining sites, investing my own money at least 40 of those companies. I just wanted to see results and effect on those companies. In no case, i wouldn't make any mistake on judging them because I Will reveal them later on this blog post—shame on you, shame on you. But as you have seen surely in the movie, I will tell these villains; YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Any more on this road you have chosen.

To keep me on track of this post, ill stay now on bitcoin cloud mining only since it is by far the most known and popular crypto on earth. I am still not believing that all these people have invested already. Again, more is going to invest in one of the easiest to expose of cryptocurrency crimes. Next, I will show you a mathematic formula that cannot be denied by any of those culprits, just because it is straightforward: mathematics.

And if you are company owner who is reading this, please do not worry about your reputation. The truth will also set you free. I will let everyone know at the end which companies are safe and legit. As far as I have gone through them, but the list is quite complete, I can assure you.

The basic facts of BTC mining(or any other cloud mining) are that you can see the truth of any company's mining offer in minutes maximum. And he or she cannot deny it. Those who will lose their faith in getting huge profits from these companies do not lose faith in all miners. They still exist. But in any case, this article and story are my responsibility. And my Duty.

Let's face the facts next.

There are two significant facts on this formula only. The first one is Miners Revenue, which means the total value of coinbase block rewards and transaction fees. You can also check it at some of the mining pool websites, and I will also give a link to you. A second major, the significant fact is the total hash rate. That means the estimated number of terahashes per second the bitcoin is performing in the last 24 hours. This one too, you can check out quickly.

Then you divide the total miner's revenue by miner's overall hash rate. The answer is the most accurate evaluation of how much cash flow 1TH/s products at this moment. Let's call this value Saurons Return.

Then, you compare ANY bitcoin cloud mining contract to this number, and if this offer equals or is more than of Saurons Return, It's a scam. No doubt it. And one more time, to this elementary and simple math, nothing can change this number upwards, no electricity, no maintenance, no good sales speech, no supernatural force, no future prediction, no nothing—end of the story.

I'll show you one example just in case:12moths bitcoin mining package from They promise daily interest of 1% if you invest a minimum of 0.0005BTC, called 1% daily. Many company have a very similar product in their catalog.

Cryptomining scam offer

Let's figure that I buy hash power for one year with 0.005BTC. Of course, daily income will be 0.00005BTC, which equals 0.58 USD when I write this. Miners revenue is 948.01BTC, which equals 11.06M USD, and I divide it by 121.999M TH/s. That equals 0.09 USD. Does this mean...? YES, IT DOES! is full of shit.

For you of those who are not following, the MAXIMUM income from that product is 0.09

USD a day, not a one-cent or anything else more.

And if someone is debating that someone can get even that 0.09 USD /day, ill remind you that in that number there's no electricity fee, maintenance fee, and so forth. All the legitimate companies calculate with this number openly, and they also passed my test 100% loud and clear.

Hard Rock Halleluja.

I promised before in this writing that I will reveal all names of the companies who are conmen, and I think I just did. And I don't mean only Just do your math with the company you work with, and you will be happy. I love mathematics. Numbers do not lie.

I hope that publishing this blog post clears this industry clean, as I love it so much. I have a request for all of you readers who think that this is of utmost importance. Please share this article and share it with a passion for everyone. This simple fact belongs to everyone dealing with cloud mining, now, or in the future.

And I'm sorry all you miserable robbers who are not legit in your cloud mining business, IM NOT FINISHED YET.

I know what you are thinking next, so I will also tell you what you are going to do to or try to continue your filthy scamming in cloud mining. Most probably, you have to take away daily profit estimates because you just got fucked by mathematics. The next best thing for your brainless shit holes probably is that you are offering just incredible hash power with some idiotic explanations. GO HOME: NOT GONNA HAPPEN: Because I'm going to do my math and reveal every one of you one by one. And I will publish a weekly new post and show at least one new company, which is not legit—a promise. And I keep my promises as you can see the list of scammers below.

All dear readers, follow me please and subscribe to my blog post here:

PS Any other cloud mining algorithm is calculated as quickly and as accurate. If anyone is wondering why he got this writing addressed to you in any forum or blog post, think no more. I sent it because all is not good with your company. Nothing is.

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