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One Card to Rule Them All

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Of course, it is Wirex. It is for the common man as well as crypto enthusiasts alike. I tested the card, desktop application, and phone application; they work together in harmony, with pinpoint accuracy.

I think its the easiness of everything that catches me at first.

After registration, I did the KYC (know your customer), and even that was relatively easy, compared to many KYC procedures I have gone through — no need for panic on that. I just uploaded my passport picture and a utility bill, and a few hours after, I was good to go.

Ordering the card is so easy, no fees charged, and they deliver it where ever you want, plus they give the first month free of charge if you are ordering your first card. Afterward, the monthly fee is 1.20€, a low cost, considering that you have 24/7 live chat support with you and all those nice wallets inside your account, which changes from USD to EUR and vice versa in an instant. Also GBP is supported.

After ordering the Wirex Card, you'll start to wonder when it might arrive, but think no more. The card comes in  7 to 10 days, as promised by the company.

Mine was colored light green emerald, and the easiness and simplicity reflect on the physical card also. Design is minimalistic, showing only the Wirex logo on the other side, and the other side is looking as same as any visa card on the market. Activating the card is done by installing the code that you get from the first purchase with the Wirex Visa card to the application. No headaches with that part. It is supported very clearly step by step in the wirex support section.

And ordinary Visa it is, indeed. Except you can cash out BTC (bitcoin), ETH (ethereum), WXT (wirex token), XLM (stellar lumens), WAVES, LTC (litecoin), NANO, XRP, WLO (wollo), DAI, and of course EUR, USD, and GBP.

You can top up any coin in the account wallets, fast and straightforward, with your credit/debit card or bank transfer. Also, the exchange between the currencies goes effortlessly. I use to top up my wirex account by sending crypto from my Exodus wallet. But you can do both.

Changing between the currencies and wallets is easy and fast. Exchange fees are deficient, and minimum amounts are only a few cents, ridiculously low compared to many card providers in the market. It makes it so easy to adapt to everyone. I have to admit.

Even my grandmother could use this with no pain and with a smile on her face. And if there is some helpless soul who thinks that he could use a helping hand from time to time, if acquired this kind of card, they got you covered. They support response time in live chat is way under 1 minute, they don't let you log out disappointed.

Let's go shopping with my Wirex Visa then.

I can pay all the shops offline and online, which accepts Visa. All around the world. No extra hidden fees, same as you would pay anyway. I even played one Online casino, and it didn't let me down there either. True. I bought beer, a sandwich, a pack cigarettes, it all works out easy with the card four-digit pin code. You can install the touchless payment, but I didn't do it. Not yet, at least.

And there's a nice bonus waiting for you home after you put your grocery shop bags down. Cashback is instant, 15 min after purchase, my mobile application tells me that I got 780 satoshis cash back on my purchases.  And I can take it back to my card the same instant. Vau. I'm impressed.

Cashback is 1% to 1.5%, depending on the volume of your purchases, So it fits also to everyone, no matter whale or whimper.

Overall, I must say Wirex crypto-backed visa card is far most the best card in the industry if you are looking for the simplest, most comfortable, and most convenient way to cash out your coins. I cannot think of anyone who could say it is not a sound card.

And web application backs your memory loss too. There you can easily see all the transactions with details. In case you lost your PIN, it will tell it to you straight away.

Order a new card to your kid or spouse. It abides you instantly, no questions asked.

Someone surely will ask how there are no flaws or cons.

Gandalf will say: test for yourself, and this was me using my Wirex card.

And to you who don't use any other payment method than MasterCard, they have it coming to their catalog.

Wirex crypto wallet Visa Debit card in conclusion:

  • Account fee None

  • Multi-sig crypto accounts Free

  • Multi-sig fiat accounts          Free

  • Monthly Fee 1.20€

  • Card issuance Free

  • Card delivery Free

  • Crypto top-up by ext.card 1%

  • Bank transfer IN/OUT: sepa   Free

  • Bank transfer IN/OUT Free

  • Bank transfer IN SWIFT         Free

  • Bank Transfer OUT SWIFT     12€

  • ATM charges EEA 1.75€

  • ATM charges INTERN. 2.25€

  • Cryptoback™ 0.50%, if you hold WXT 1.5%

  • Fiat exchange Unlimited

  • Spend from a card in day 8000€

  • Maximum card balance 20000€

  • Maximum account balance   Unlimited

  • ATM withdrawals a day 250€

Take from here a little call to action booster. With this image link below, you o your brand new Wirex crypto visa-free of charge, and 1st month you don't pay the maintenance fee.


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