Skyrocketing Celsius Network

Updated: Jan 16

As this year is nearing its end, I need to write a little bit about a phenomenal platform called Celsius Network. I wrote about it before last September, and the reason I wrote now again is simple, the pure profitability of the CEL token. Three factors make it skyrocketing like this: compound interest, bitcoins value, and CEL tokens price. It's something I haven't seen before.

I invested in Celsius Network at the beginning of September, and they promised me a profit of 5.86% for BTC. After three months, I already discovered that my profit was 2.47%, and if I convert it to an annual yield, it would be 10.25%. The calculations are right, and they indeed have paid me everything they promised, but the CEL tokens price increase made it much more profitable than promised. The basics of how CEL tokens work you can read here.

The CEL tokens price surge will continue to increase because their customer base grows solidly 3% every week. Assets under management grows even more rapidly. This value affect to number how much Celsius Network has to buy CEL tokens from exchanges to pay interest to those who wants higher interest percentages. Nearly everyone wants to keep their CEL token, and that is why there are only a 40million CEL tokens available in the market. The number is halved only in 4 months. Last May, there were 160 million tokens available. It means the price had gone up inhumanly and will go in the future.

Even at this moment, when Bitcoin is rising unbelievably fast, investing in CEL tokens is not a bad idea. Most of the altcoins are left behind with bitcoins bull run, but as you can see in the picture below, the CEL token performs even better! You can see how CEL has performed against USD, BTC, and ETH in the last year.

Other performance indicators are 273.000 customers, which is 100.000 more than on September 28, assets under management over 3.3 billion, which is 2 billion growth at the same time. The most popular coin deposited there is Bitcoin, 50.030 in total. Interest paid in last 12 months by Celsius Network is grown by 121 million dollars, from 43 million to 164 USD today.

Celsius Network is a MillionaireMaker too. They have made 151 CEL Millionaires in last year. Yes. 151 Millionaires. If you want to be a millionaire yourself, it is not yet too late to accomplish it with Celsius Network. Íf the CEL token will be 100USD in two years I computed that you need only 25.000 USD to do it. Of course, that this will happen, you need to optimize the CEL tokens level what you will purchase correctly. Not a bad idea, yeah?


If the CEL token is valued 100 USD, it means market cap is 38 billion USD. Someone could think it is way too much, and impossible. In reality, the assets in their managements have increased by twenty times and the interests paid to customers also with same multiplier. If we divide the market cap with the interest rate, the multiplier is 12. Compared to profits, it is not so much after all. Even CEL tokens fail, it is extremely good investment.

At this point, i have to remind you that this is not OFFICIAL investment advise.) Celsius Network is genuinely that kind of company I am proud to recommend to you. Here is my invitation link.

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